The purpose of this website is to provide members of the MetaSolv Users Group access to various discussion lists. If you are looking for information about current user group activities, please point your browser to:


Discussion lists are intended to give the members a common means for distributed communication of ideas, concerns, common questions… The idea being that open communication in the user community is paramount to the usefulness of this group. Discussion Lists are email distribution groups where the sender addresses an email to a single address, and this website delivers that email to everyone that has signed up for that Discussion List.

To join a list, click on any of the below links and follow the directions on the resulting page.

ListServ Lists Enhancement Themes
Address Issues Data Selection Tool Theme
APIs and Automation Navigation
Conferences Usability
Documentation Virtual Connections Part 2 Theme
Engineering Work Management Theme
Engineering Work Order
Regulated Ordering
Work Management

Expected turn-around time for list membership approval should be within a day or two… What could be simpler?